I’m a nice person.

Or I should say, I’m a person who tried to be nice.

I try to not get pissed off.

I try to not yell at people.

I try to restrain from swearing.

(Err… well, recently I’ve been using bad words excessively, due to emotional outburst during the week LOL)

But I now have a confession, I snapped and said STFU in sky LS today.

Screenshot taken in the same spot, but on other run.
We call that place the “Despot Corner.”

Do I regret saying it?


I shouldn’t have said that. I want so much to take it back. If I could turn back time, I would say this instead;

“Shut up and stop pretending to be blind, can you not see that I am standing right next to you waiting for my Penury ability for half MP consumption so I won’t have to waste my precious 135 MP to raise your useless ass. One more word from you and I swear I’m going to walk pass, over your dead body, and use my MP to cure other people who’re being useful to the fight instead.”

Seriously, when Despot pops and we get the claim, everyone runs to the tree area and fight there to avoid magic aggro. This goes without further explanation, especially when we’re all busy in action like that. You have to react quickly, and correctly, not just to save your own life, but to prevent stupid mistake from happening and ruining our plan. If you stand there  to fight it, it’s just natural that mages would let you die, because they don’t want to aggro dolls surrounding you and them. And when people yell “Run!” “Pull it to the tree!” “Move!” or “Come this way!” it does not mean they want you to just stand there like dumb and straight tank Despot.

Well, dying to Despot from failure to run or kite correctly was one thing, demanding or asking for raise with a mere single word “raise” after you die like that is another matter.

That “raise” was what snapped my last damn nerve (“last damn nerve” quote courtesy to Michael Camp from his FB wall post LOL)

Of course when a White Mage is standing next to a fallen alliance member… oh wait… a fallen party member, even, is it not clear enough that he or she acknowledges your death and is looking into giving you a raise? Or maybe you think they’re standing there smoking weeds?

I come to sky as a White Mage to save people from dying or from laying dead until they rot, not to be ordered around. Seriously, pay some damn respect, please. Especially when you mess up your own HP and empty the friggin’ bar with your own mistake.

I was, honestly, utterly angry at that whole situation.

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2 Responses to “STFU”
  1. Romanosuke says:

    UMAD BRO???

  2. Aleczan says:

    Yo bro, yer too late dude! Not mad anymore 😛

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